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How to Host a Great Wine Tasting Party in 4 Steps

wine16-03From Ancient Greece and Rome to the 21st century, men have enjoyed wine more than any other drink. It is a drink that will make any dinner a lot more appetizing and it brings people closer, if I can dare to say so.

Speaking of getting people closer, what better way to do that than to host a party? Actually, there is one better way and that is to host a wine tasting party. We all love wine, right? So a wine tasting party seems like a good idea.

There are, however, a couple of things that you need to take care of if you want your wine tasting party to be successful. Don’t worry, it’s far from difficult and if you follow these simple four steps, than everyone will talk about your party for many days after it.

First, you will, of course, need to invite some guests. I mean, what kind of a party would that be without any guests? The problem here is determining how much people you should invite. Since I presume that you will be hosting it in your own house or apartment, you don’t want the place to be too crowded. A group of 10 people, one or two more or less should be the optimum number of guests. Any less than that, and it would be very difficult for many to start a spontaneous conversation and if you invite more , you risk the place being crowded and you running out of wine and food quick.

Selecting wine is the next crucial step for a good wine tasting party. This should be a very fun part, but we all know that there is no fun in standing in front of all that rows and rows of wine in the wine store. So, how do you pick the wine for the party? One way is to go with a certain theme. For instance, the theme could be “Italian reds” or “Wines under 12$”. Or, you could select one wine, but different vintages of it. This is called “vertical tasting” and it could be a bit more pricey.

wine16-02Next, you will need some food. However, in this case, you may want to wait with the food until everyone has tasted the wine. If you are having an informal party for your friends, than it is okay to serve some food. You may also ask the guests to bring some food of their own.

Tasting the wine and rating it is the most important part of your wine tasting party. You should pour only 2oz per glass. You should also have water ready for the guests to cleanse the palate between two wines. Many people choose to spit the wine, instead of swallowing it. This is not an indication of their barbarism or the fact that they think the wine is awful, but they just don’t want to mix the taste. Finally, for the rating, simply handle each of the guests a pen and paper and let them write their thoughts about the wine.

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